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MARCH 30 - As the Powerball® Jackpot Approaches $1 Billion, CA Lottery Reminds Players – Don’t Buy Tickets Online

MARCH 29 - Back-to-Back Billion-Dollar Announcements for CA Lottery

MARCH 28 - Boosting the Bottom Line: Lottery Sales – Good for Communities Across CA

MARCH 27 - Mega Millions® Jackpot Evades California Lottery Players Once Again, But One Lucky Ticket Still Wins $1+ Million

MARCH 26 - Is Billion the New Million? CA Lottery Puts This Week’s Giant Jackpots Into Context

MARCH 25 - Every Dollar Counts: Two Giant Jackpots Fuel Funding for California Public Education

MARCH 24 - $2.4 Million Powerball® Ticket Sold in Southern California

MARCH 23 - More Than $1.8 Billion Up for Grabs: Top 5 Things California Lottery Players Should Know

MARCH 22 - As Mega Millions® Jackpot Approaches $1 Billion, CA Lottery Reminds Players to Be Responsible

MARCH 20 - $1.7 Million Winning Mega Millions® Ticket Sold at Lucky CA Lottery Shop in Sacramento

MARCH 19 - BREAKING NEWS: Mega Millions® Jackpot Just Increased to an Estimated $893 Million

MARCH 18 - $645 Million up for Grabs in Tonight’s Powerball® Drawing

MARCH 15 - California Lottery Reveals Who Won Massive $1.765 Billion Powerball® Jackpot

MARCH 13 - Dueling Jumbo Jackpots –A Winning Combination for California Schools

MARCH 12 - Jackpots Keep Jumping! Tonight’s Top Prize for Mega Millions® Offers Players a Chance at $735 Million

MARCH 11 - Powerball® Jackpot Springs Forward to $532 Million

MARCH 8 - Will There Be a Weekend Winner With $1.2 Billion in Jackpots up for Grabs?

MARCH 7 - Expressions of Excitement and Surprise From California’s Latest Winner on How He Won a $2 Million Scratchers® Prize

MARCH 6 - California Lottery Promotes Problem Gambling Awareness

MARCH 6 - California Lottery Makes Another Millionaire, While Mega Millions® Jackpot Keeps on Rolling

MARCH 5 - Mega Millions® and Powerball® Now Offering Combined Jackpots of $1.1+ Billion

MARCH 1 - Will California Lottery Get a $600 Million+ Mega Millions® Jackpot Winner Tonight? It’s Never Happened Before

OCTOBER 31 -  Haunted by Previous Lottery Experience, Scratchers® Player Enjoys $2 Million Worth of Redemption

OCTOBER 26 -  Colorful Surprise for Latest CA Lottery Instant Millionaire!

OCTOBER 25 -  SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot Winner Comes Forward, Claims $82 Million Prize

OCTOBER 19 -  California Lottery Player Stops to Fill Up – Buys Mega Millions® Ticket Worth More Than $1.4 Million!

OCTOBER 19 -  Winning Ticket Hits $18 Million SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot

OCTOBER 18 -  Scratchers® Player Asks Store Clerk to Choose Which Game to Buy – Ends up Walking Out the Door a Multimillionaire! 

OCTOBER 12 - $1.765 Billion Powerball® Jackpot Update: Kern County Business Located in Small Town Celebrates Huge Win  

OCTOBER 12 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Press Conference in Frazier Park Where Jackpot-Winning Powerball® Ticket Worth $1.765 Billion Was Sold

OCTOBER 11 - CA Lottery Raises More Than $100 Million for Public Education Thanks to Tonight’s $1.7 Billion Powerball® Jackpot

OCTOBER 10 - Another Powerball® Drawing, Another California Lottery Player With a Million-Dollar Win!

OCTOBER 9 - With Powerball® Jackpot at $1.55 Billion Tonight, CA Lottery Reminds Players of Two Major Warnings

OCTOBER 8 - Another $1+ Million Powerball® Ticket Sold in California

OCTOBER 7 - Mega Millions® Ticket Sold in California Wins $2.3+ Million; Tonight’s Powerball® Jackpot Estimated at $1.4 Billion

OCTOBER 5 - Fresno Fairgoers Can Join the Play in Person – Experience California Lottery Live!

OCTOBER 5 - Two Powerball® Tickets Sold in California Each Win More Than $1.2 Million; Jackpot Rolls to an Estimated $1.4 Billion

OCTOBER 4 - Players From Throughout the Southwest Flocking to One CA Lottery Retailer as Powerball® Jackpot Tops $1+ Billion

OCTOBER 3 - CA Lottery Celebrates 38th Anniversary, Announces Record Revenue Raised for Public Education

OCTOBER 2 - Powerball® Jackpot at $1.04 Billion Tonight: Why Are Jackpots Getting So Big?

OCTOBER 2 - Media Availability TODAY: Powerball® Makes History With Another Billion-Dollar Jackpot

SEPTEMBER 30 - Powerball® Jackpot Projected To Top $1 Billion if No One Hits It Tonight

SEPTEMBER 29 - One Player’s Stop at a Taco Truck Leads to Delicious $1 Million Scratchers® Prize

SEPTEMBER 27 - BREAKING NEWS: Powerball® Jackpot Increases to $850 Million, 4th Largest in Game History

SEPTEMBER 25 - California Lottery Raises Nearly $60 Million and Counting for California Public Schools Ahead of Tonight’s $785 Million Powerball® Jackpot

SEPTEMBER 24 - Powerball® Ticket Sold in California Wins $5+ Million

SEPTEMBER 23 - Powerball® Jackpot for Tonight Estimated at Three-Quarters of a Billion Dollars

SEPTEMBER 22 - California Lottery Players Can Experience Lottery Live at This Weekend’s Autumn Moon Festival 

SEPTEMBER 20 - Kern County Fairgoers Can Join the Play in Person – Experience California Lottery Live!  

SEPTEMBER 20 - Final Powerball® Jackpot of a Memorable California Summer Is Worth an Estimated $672 Million for Tonight’s Draw  

SEPTEMBER 18 - CA Lottery Raises $44+ Million for Public Education Just From Powerball® Sales, Thanks to Tonight’s Estimated Jackpot of $638 Million

SEPTEMBER 16 - Will Another Millionaire Be Made in CA? Powerball® Jackpot at an Estimated $596 Million for Tonight

SEPTEMBER 13 - CA Lottery Retailers Win Big With Powerball® Jackpot at an Estimated $550 Million for Tonight’s Draw

SEPTEMBER 11 - More Than $36 Million Raised for Public Schools as Powerball® Jackpot Grows to $522 Million for Tonight 

SEPTEMBER 9 - Powerball® Jackpot Reaches $500 Million 

SEPTEMBER 7 - JACKPOT! Small-Town Ticket Wins Big Prize 


AUGUST 31 - Three Lucky Players Discover Other Ways to Win! 

AUGUST 23 - California Lottery Announces Record Sales, Record Earnings for Public Education 

AUGUST 18 - CA Lottery Statement on Conviction of Serial Scratchers® Thief in Widespread, Organized Retail Crime Ring

AUGUST 18 - California Lottery Player Claims $3.9 Million Prize – Missed $1.1 Billion Mega Millions® Jackpot by Only One Number!

AUGUST 16 - ‘Itchy Palms’ Superstition Leads a California Lottery Player to Scratch Her Way to an Instant $1 Million Win!

AUGUST 9 - Single Ticket Sold in Florida Hits the Mega Millions® Jackpot; CA Lottery Player Wins Big With Second Place, With Ticket Now Worth More Than $3.3 Million

AUGUST 8 - Mega Millions® Jackpot INCREASES AGAIN to an Estimated $1.58 Billion for Tonight’s Draw – Highest Ever in Game’s History

AUGUST 7 - MEDIA AVAILABILITY TOMORROW MORNING: Mega Millions® Jackpot Highest It’s Ever Been for Tuesday’s Draw

AUGUST 7 - No Horsing Around Here – Daily Derby® Player Wins $1+ Million

AUGUST 6 - A Ticket Sold in Southern California Hits SuperLotto Plus® Jackpot Worth $82 Million

AUGUST 4 - The California Lottery Is Back at the Orange County Fair to Help Raise Money for Schools

AUGUST 4 - Generational Wealth: Mega Millions® Jackpot Just Increased to an Estimated $1.35 Billion! 

AUGUST 3 - CA Lottery Player Parlays $500 From a Scratchers® Win – Spends Entire Workday Unaware He Was a Millionaire! 

AUGUST 2 - Don’t Sleep on SuperLotto Plus® – California’s Own $81 Million Jackpot Now At a 15-Year High

AUGUST 1 - BREAKING NEWS: Mega Millions® Monster Jackpot Increases to an Estimated $1.1 Billion for Tonight’s Draw

JULY 29 - Mega Millions® Jackpot Soars Past $1 Billion; One Lucky Ticket in California Now Worth $1.5 Million

JULY 28 - BREAKING NEWS: Mega Millions® Jackpot Raised to an Estimated $940 Million for Tonight’s Draw

JULY 27 - It’s Not Just All About Jackpots; California Lottery Scratchers® Players Win Big, Too

JULY 25 - Tonight’s Mega Millions® Jackpot at $820 Million – Continues Inching Toward Another Billion-Dollar Payday 

JULY 24 - What Happens After a Big Jackpot is Hit in California 

JULY 21 - Mega Millions® Continues to Climb Toward Another Billion-Dollar Jackpot With Tonight’s Draw Worth an Estimated $720 Million! 

JULY 20 - MEDIA ADVISORY: Press Conference in Los Angeles Where Jackpot-Winning Powerball® Ticket Worth $1.08 Billion Was Sold

JULY 19 - California Public Education Wins Big as the California Lottery Returns to the California State Fair!

JULY 19 - Media Availability TODAY: Powerball® Frenzy and Contributions to Public Schools Highlighted at the State Fair

JULY 18 - Powerball® Jackpot Rolls to an Estimated $1,000,000,000 as Tonight’s Mega Millions Stands at More Than Half a Billion, Too!

JULY 17 - CA Lottery Celebrates National Lottery Week as Contributions to Public Education Soar Toward Another Record Year!

JULY 17 - Five Things CA Lottery Players Should Know About Tonight’s Massive Powerball® Drawing

JULY 14 - Three Big Jackpots Offer More Than $1.5 Billion in Total Prize Money

JULY 12 - Will We See a Mid-Week Multimillionaire in CA? Tonight’s Powerball® Jackpot Increases to an Estimated $750 Million!

JULY 11 - BREAKING NEWS: Estimated Mega Millions® Jackpot Raised to $500 Million for Tonight’s Draw

JULY 10 - BREAKING: Powerball® Jackpot Increases to an Estimated $675 Million as Public Education Wins Big!

JULY 9 - $2.6 Million Powerball® Ticket Sold in Stockton!

JULY 8 - $1.6 Million Mega Millions® Ticket Sold in Oxnard!

JULY 7 - More Than $1.13 Billion Up for Grabs in This Weekend’s Lottery Draws

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